Amaranth Collaborations at TSU

Present Research Focus
• Molecular marker studies of new crops (amaranth as one of the pseudocereals).
• Genes for daptation to climate change (drought and heat tolerance).
• Training of students and visiting researchers from USA, Bangl., China, Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal and South Sudan.

Ancient Grains: From Field to Mainstream Market

Marketing Ancient Grains as Modern Ingredients; Increasing Opportunity through Effective Application

A source of complete protein, amaranth contains all of the essential amino acids
including lysine. Amaranth is also an excellent source of fiber, magnesium, iron and
phosphorus; and a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids and calcium. It is also
the only grain documented to contain Vitamin C.

Amaranthus Research Trends

Amaranthus Research Trends

A global round-up of amaranth research. Presented at the 2016 Amaranth Institute Conference held in Nashville, Tennessee.

David M. Brenner, North Central Regional Plant Introduction StationDepartment of Agronomy, Iowa State UniversityFunded by Hatch Act Regional Project NC7