1/4 kg of amaranth cereal       
1/2 a lemon 1 cone raw sugarcane       
1 cup of water   

1.–  Break apart the sugarcane as much as possible.  
2.–  Determine whether the sugarcane is sufficiently heavy by dropping a piece of it in a cup of water.  If the sugarcane does not dissolve and remains as a ball at the bottom of the cup, it is ready.  If it is ready, put it in a pot and add the water.
3.– Add the lemon and immediately stir in the amaranth cereal until it is perfectly mixed. 
4.– Before it cools, put this on a tray or any other flat surface and shape it with your hands. 
5.– Allow it to cool for only a bit more and then cut it into squares to have the happiness readily available.   

Amaranth candy

1/2 a cup of amaranth flour        
1 envelope of powder for flan or milk gelatin  cinnamon, to taste 1 liter of milk  

1.– Heat half a liter of milk and the cinnamon over medium heat.  
2.– Dissolve the amaranth flour in half a liter of milk,  and add it to the milk and cinnamon as soon as it begins to boil. 
3.– Allow it to boil for 5 minutes and add the flan powder, stirring constantly to prevent it from sticking or burning.
4.– Remove from the stove and distribute into cups for gelatin.  Refrigerate until it has the consistency of gelatin, and serve